Attack on Iona

For 200 tears the brethren in Iona worked in peace with illuminating bibles (Book of Kells). When the Vikings brutally attacked the little island society in 794 AD, and set fire to the premises, the monks fled to the monastery in Kells in Ireland. During the peaceful decades, pilgrims had brought with them loads of gold and silver, to honour the holy Columba, so the Viking loot must have been considerable. The island’s treasures were so abundant that the Vikings returned many times to provide themselves of the riches. During one of their raids in 806 AD they showed exceptional brutality. A total of 86 monks were butchered on the beach, and the place today still bears the name of Bay of the Martyrs. It was following this attack the relics of St. Columba were moved to Kells in Ireland.

The Attack on Iona will be played out as two scenarios.

Firstly the attack itself is represented by Scenario 5 Homeland (pg66), with 4 points of Scots defending against 6 points of Vikings.

Secondly the flight of the monks and safe passage of relics and treasures is represented by Scenario 6 The Escort (pg67) with 6 points of each faction. The escorting force are the Scots.

Attack on Iona

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