Taste Of Your Own Medicine

History: During Norse times the Pennines mountain range was settled by Viking Danes in the east and Norwegian Vikings in the west. The Danes settled and interbred with the local Anglo-Saxon populace, mixing both blood and customs, eventually becoming the Anglo-Danes. The area occupied by the Danelaw was roughly the area to the north of a line drawn between London and Chester, excluding the portion of Northumbria to the east of the Pennines. Five fortified towns became particularly important in the Danelaw: Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Stamford and Lincoln, broadly delineating the area now called the East Midlands. These strongholds became known as the Five Boroughs. To the north of these strongholds civilised towns gave way to borderland outposts where the people lived day to day, uncertain of who their Lord would be tomorrow.


The River Calder is a river in West Yorkshire, in Northern England. The Calder rises on the green eastern slopes of the Pennines flows through alternating green countryside, villages and small towns, before joining the River Aire near Castleford. The river’s valley is generally known as the Calder Valley. The name Calderdale usually refers to the large moorland through which the upper river flows.

Players: Dan Collins (Vikings), John Barker (Anglo Danes)

Recent border activity has bought a Norwegian viking settlement north of Thelwall to the attention of the Danelaw ruled east.

Godwin.JPGThe Anglo-Dane Godwin is the Aeldorman of Castleford. A pious Christian born of a converted, pagan Norse father and an Anglo mother, he is very interested in defending the faith, protecting monasteries and converting pagans. He’s dull and single-minded but is an efficient military commander, whose patience and timing have earnt him many victories. Godwin fears that in his time the thirst for knowledge is disappearing: that the light of wisdom is less and less sought after and is now becoming rare again in most men’s minds.

The Norwegian Viking settlement is led by Earl Ragnar. He is a blood thirsty reaver whose tactics are focused on death defying charges and the hurling of blasphemous insults. He is looking to expand his King’s lands into the mainland of England, whilst pillaging as many riches as possible for himself. Ragnar hopes to make his place in the sagas told around the campfires of many generations to come.

Battle 1: The Fords of River Calder

Taste Of Your Own Medicine

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